Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Launcher PRO 5.2.4

 Launcher PRO V5.2.4 Build 131 is now available

Change Log:

- Added support for E-Sys 22.10.02

Change Log for V5.2.2, 5.2.3:
- Added support for E-Sys 22.10.00

- Added Language-aware FA/Vehicle Profile options metadata

- Fixed: FP/Vehicle Profile extended ASCII character display issue

- Fixed: FP/Vehicle Profile EN category names

- Fixed: NCD/CAFD Tools GUI issues

- Minor mapping improvement

- Minor bug fixes

FA/Vehicle Profile option descriptions will be shown in selected language. This version also include fixes for several NCD/CAFD Tools GUI elements, including pane/panel splitter issue.

I'm planning on reworking the Launcher, targeting maintainability and performance. The last couple of versions are already quite speedy and stable, but I feel like I can push the envelope a bit further. vNext will be a major update and will boost performance by quite a bit. 

VNext will also implement a hybrid "static" activation. It's not going to be hardware-locked, but will not require internet connection after the first sign in. Of course, this will make the online services unavailable, as a natural consequence.

Other Thoughts

E-Sys 22.10.02 also supports Ubuntu, but without UI. I'm thinking this version could run in native MacOS as well, but I have not played with it yet. If I find the time, I will look at this. It might be a good idea to create a unified UI that will run under Windows, MacOS (Intel/M* chips) and Ubuntu x64 hardware. It's still an idea and very early stage at that. Let's see...

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Launcher PRO 5.2.1

 Launcher PRO V5.2.1 Build 117 is now available

Change Log:

- Added support for E-Sys 22.06.01

- KIS/WissensBasis-Enriched Metadata (Initial Support - Connection window, SVT section in Coding)

- Minor bug fixes

Quite a bit of you have been requesting to add information from KIS/WissensBasis db. I have looked extensively in the past and I haven't given it any serious thought as it's mainly in German. No offence intended, it's just that my knowledge of the Deutsch language is next to zero/zilch. Anyway, a good friend has asked if I could add it last week and it's all I needed to get started again. As a result, I added initial support and I will look at adding further. Currently, it's only supported in 2 places:

1) Open Connection Window

Car series applicable to a given main series/BRV is provided by KIS db.

2) SVT section in the Coding module.

The added metadata is shown where applicable, and is again, provided by KIS db. 

I'll look at adding more metadata where applicable, and where it makes sense. I just wish there's an equivalent English translations, but I'll get what we I take.

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that the Launcher had issue reading BDC_BODY3/CAF 44ED. I made a change in the Launcher and it was confirmed the change fixed the issue. This fix is only available for 3.40.xx and 22.06.xx. I may retrofit it in older versions if there's any need.

I wish this issue was brought to me sooner. Anyway, it appears to be fixed and I'm glad it's resolved.


Friday, October 7, 2022

Launcher PRO 5.2.0 and Website update

Launcher PRO 5.2.0 Build 108 is now available

Change Log:

- Added support for E-Sys 22.06

- Improved translation mapping speed

- Added Passwordless authentication using USB security key (FIDO2) in app and website

- Added option to send minimal error details

- Minor bug fixes

The list is short, but there's a ton of work put into it. Most of the changes are in the backend. It's a lot easier and more secure to sign in.

Launcher PRO is going Hardware-Locked!

Hardware-locked account that is, because, USB Security Keys are now supported in Launcher PRO and the website. Anyone who uses Yubikeys, SoloKeys, Thetis and the likes know how great these little devices are. With Launcher PRO 5.2, it goes wherever you go, as long as you have your security key with you!  

With security keys, you don't need a password. It's passwordless authentication, yet stronger and more secure than ever. FIDO2/webauthn authentication is now supported. Enroll your Security key and start signing in to Launcher PRO without having to enter your password. FIDO2 is an enterprise-level authentication method that is widely supported by the industry. 

Learn more about FIDO2

Setting up/enrolling a security key is easy. The steps are the same whether you do it from the website, or through the app. Just follow this simple steps

1) Sign in to the app or the website and go to your account
2) On the account page, click Add USB Security Key/Enroll Security Key button

3) Windows will ask you to verify if you want to set up your security key. Click OK

4) Windows will again, ask you to confirm. Click OK. Windows will create the credentials and send the public key back to the website.

5) Windows will ask for your security key PIN. Enter your PIN and click OK

6) Finish the setup by touching your security key

That's it. You can now sign in with your security key.

To Sign in using your security key, follow these simple steps
1) Enter your email address. Better yet, let the website or Launcher PRO remember your email address. This will stay on your machine.

2) Click Sign in with Security Key

3) Windows will ask you to confirm you want to sign in

4) Touch your security key and you're all set. No password will ever be sent over the wire!

5) If you don't act within 30 seconds, the request will fail and you will have to start again.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

FxxTokenMaster.com Redesigned

 I spent most of last week redesigning my website. A few of you were getting frustrated seeing your activation requests not matching the PC you were using. The thing is, V5.0 do not care about it. The old site was written for V3.0, which has hardware-locked activation. V5.0 do not care about any that. It's using a different model and this is starting to get harder to explain by the day. A redesign is the only way.

So, here it is. Out is the old and aging V3 website, in is the new website for V5.0. 

I like dark mode a lot. It's in the Launcher PRO, thinking adding it as an option for the app, and now, the website is in full dark mode.

A bit minimalist, but that's all that's needed. It showcases the Launcher a little, with it's small and incomplete feature list...

What you won't see is the list of activation requests. It's just not needed anymore.

The website allows resetting forgotten password now. A long overdue feature. I don't know what I was thinking why it wasn't there from the get go.

Please check it out: https://fxxtokenmaster.com/

I can now focus back on the Launcher. It does require a bit more work

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Launcher PRO V5.1.0

 Launcher PRO V5.1.0 Build 90 is now available

Change Log:

Launcher PRO V5.0 hits a new milestone. This release entails a major revision, mostly in the underlying operations and inner workings of the Launcher. There are still so much to do, but a few of the big ones has made it to this release. I focused on compatibility on this one and eradicated some of the most niggling and persisting ones.

User Interface:

With this release, there's hardly any reason to visit the site. I have to add that the site need a long overdue update, but because of V3.0, I still need to keep it. There are a few options I'm considering but my focus is on the Launcher for now. Please ignore the very outdated content of the website, I will update it when the time comes.

QR code can now be seen from the Launcher's Account page. This doesn't require any Google API, so it should work on region where Google services are blocked. The QR code can be used in any standard TOTP generator like Microsoft, Authy...etc., not just Google Authenticator. I know it says Google Authenticator is required, but really, it isn't.

I realized that the previous FP (Vehicle Profile) Viewer was just awful. There's no reason for it to be in a treeview. I replaced it with a much nicer view, utilizing the UI elements I made for the FA/SVT-CAFD FDL calculators. Minor change but big impact.

Under the Hood:

I spent a great deal of time dealing with compatibility issue. I focused on leaving areas untouched if they don't need to be, ran a fine tooth comb through the source and identified where code needs to be injected, only where/when necessary. There's a significant boost in performance, compatibility and stability. I found new methods that are simply superior. These resulted in having to rewrite new codes, and eliminate most of the old ones. In a lot of ways, this is, yet again, all new. There's very little left of what was in the original 5.0 code base. It was intense, but highly rewarding. The result is V5.1

I highly encourage you to check this build out.


I can't stop everyone from asking via the comment section, so might as well, include some info here. If you want to know more about the Launcher V5.0, send me an email at fxxtokenmaster@gmail.com.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

NCD/CAFD Tool Link down forever

 So some weird random guy appears to be claiming a copyright to my original work. Unfortunately, Mega listened to the poser.

Mega took down the link. Probably better off this way, anyway. The integrated tool is so much better

Anybody know who the heck this guy is?

Monday, July 4, 2022

Launcher PRO V5.0.7

 Launcher PRO V5.0.7 is now available

Change log

- Added FP/Vehicle Profile viewer (3.36+ only)
- Added FA-NCD/CAFD FDL Calculator for Coding 1/2 CAFs (3.36+ only)
- Added SVT-CAF FDL Calculator for Coding 1/2 CAFs (3.36+ only)
- Improved Mapping calculation speed
- Minor bug fixes

Added Features:

Another substantial release. I've been very busy adding these features in Launcher PRO. I like how they turned out. I've almost forgotten how nice these features are. Luckily, somebody reminded me.

The following screenshot shows the SVT-CAF FDL calculator. These are the "What-IFs" feature from the old NCD/CAFD Tool, integrated into Launcher PRO.

Not really useful feature, but I hate how small the button icons are. I increased the size a bit and added transparency, more to my liking. This is only implemented in the NCD/CAF Tool. I left the others as they are.

Hope you enjoy these new features as much as I enjoyed writing them. Let me know what you think.