Saturday, July 29, 2017

Update: TokenMaster's Launcher PRO 2.8.0 and NCD / CAFD Tool V0.5.1

TokenMaster's Launcher PRO V2.8.0 is now available.

Change log

Launcher PRO V2.8.0 Build 153
- Added support for E-Sys 3.29
- Added support for E-Sys 3.30

NOTE 1: While it support 3.29, I find 3.29 is too buggy for any useful purposes. I tried fixing some of the stuff, but I gave up and retracted my changes. There's just too many to fix. 3.30 appears to be stable but I just started using it a couple of days ago, I haven't had the chance to fully test it.

If you are not planning on using 3.30, there's no reason to update to this version. 

NOTE 2: I'm holding off on the Premium update for now as I'm contemplating a few changes. As much as I would like to release it, people just won't stop trying to exploit it for their own advantage.

I'm not always around to generate activation code, so I need to device something more autonomous. I just came back and I have zero idea at the moment.

NCD / CAFD Too V0.5.1 Build 201
- Minor bug fixes

NOTE: Please do NOT request via the comment section. I do not monitor the comments actively. Email me at fxxtokenmaster_at_gmail for any question.


  1. You can solve it. Give people two options:
    1. Donate online to one of the charities your webpage will offer
    2. Submit their donation to other charity organization for manual review (current solution)

    This way people can choose to donate online on your page and get automaticly generated key, or donate else where and wait for your response.

    I do not mean to be the "smartass", just offering a potantial solution for your overload. Thank you so much for what you do man!

    * Also, include one first screen, which would say: THIS SoftWare is FREE! If you paid for it, please report HERE and claim your money back.

    I really hate to see people selling it, even though usually it is in "ready to go" boundles with HW and other software.

    1. It's for Premium, not worried about PRO so much. Premium has always been free, and it does. indicate in the main window that it is free.

      What I hate is when people resell it or ask donation because they made a VM image with it. These are the things that drove me to add restrictions and I really don't like it one bit.

    2. token master you are a genius!!!

  2. token master and for those who bought the old PRO version how to upgrade to a newer version ?

    1. Download the updated setup file/s from the same link I sent. Install the new version, no need to uninstall previous version as that will be done automatically. All settings should remain intact.

    2. I want to buy e-mail

  3. token master I have a friend who wants to purchase the launcher PRO , please write me privately how to do it. Thnks!!

  4. Just purchased a cable on E-bay and now I need launcher PRO. Where can I download?

  5. Hi, I need launcher pro. Where i can donate?