Friday, December 27, 2013

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions I've been answering quite lately:

Q: The instructions I read in the PDF says I need to delete 2 files and then replace with the 2 files. Where are those files?
A: Those files are from another developer. My solution does not use patched files and no files should be removed or deleted. If you did, you need to restore those files or reinstall the application to restore them before you can use my token.

Q: I got a token for my 3.23.4 version. Now I got hold of 3.24.2, can I get an updated file?
A: You already have it. My solution works on versions 3.22.5 up to 3.24.3 and everything in between.

Q: If I get a token, will you provide the patch as well?
A: It depends on what patch you're talking about. If you meant the two patched files, then, No. I don't use patched files (see Q#1). I provide everything you need to use the token except the application itself. It comes with less than 20kb file, PDF instruction and the token. Just install the application, then proceed with my instructions.

Q: Will this token work with new version of the application?
A: It works up to 3.24.3. There's no way for me to tell if it works on unreleased version until I get hold of it.

Q: I sent you a PM a few days ago and have yet to receive a response. What gives?
A: Just complying with the forum rules. Most BMW forum prohibit the use of PM system for commercial use unless you're a sponsor of the site/forum. I am not a sponsor, so I'm prohibited to use the PM system. Contact me at fxxtokenmaster[at]Gmail_dot_com instead and I'm likely to respond within the hour, if I'm up and about.

Not a question but...

Q: I'd like to get 3 year...
A: 3-year token is the 2nd most popular request next to 1-year token. Before asking for 2 or 3 years token, understand that it's only guaranteed to work from versions 3.22.5 up to 3.24.3 and everything in between. It's always a possibility that the token will not work with newer versions.

The app requires PSdZ and this gets released all the time with new security feature so, it may require newer version. Most notably, PSdZ 49.x will not work with 3.18, thus, the release of 3.22.x. 3.22.5 won't work with PSdZ 51.0, hence, the release of 3.23.x.

If you get, say, 3-year token now, and your car gets updated that would necessitate using new PSdZ and new app and I can't come up with a solution, multi-year token would now be essentially "useless"