Saturday, April 19, 2014

NCD / CAFD Tool V0.2.5 Alpha

NcdCafdTool V0.2.5 Alpha just released. A feaure called "What-if FA-CAFD" has been added. In a nutshell, is that it can determine the functions being modified when a certain option is added.

"What if I add 6WA, what would E-Sys do to my NCD?". "If I add 6NS, then..." You get my drift. This is entirely based on what's inside FA and CAFD. Based on your chosen FA, car series and build date, the tool analyzes your selected CAFD (or NCD) and list down all affected functions (non-default only) and what the value should be.

This feature uses ncd file or CAFD file for input. If you use *.ncd, the tool will use the version of CAFD used to generate your ncd file, meaning the CAFD associated with your current I-Step. Opening CAFD allows you to use any version.

FAFP will be retrieved from CAFD and any main series not used by CAFD will be excluded. Selected Build Level will control available options.

You can quickly find an option by selecting an item, then typing it in, e.g. 6WA, 6NS...etc.

Results are determined by a particular CAFD and not every option will have an effect on the selected CAFD. Don't select any options that obviously don't have any code associated to it, e.g. 130, 23B

Results are meant to be use as a guide only. They are by no means authoritative or definitive. Verify and use at your own risks.

Lastly, this tool is free. Never pay anything for this tool.

If you have customized the settings, don't overwrite "NcdCafdTool.exe.Config" or your settings will be replaced. Open "NcdCafdTool.exe.Config" with Notepad, copy the value of signatureKey node, then open the application, go to Settings and replace the Signature Key. You can also edit your config file with Notepad.

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