Saturday, April 14, 2018

Guide: How to Update or Activate Launcher PRO 3.1+

How to update or activate Launcher PRO 3.1 and vNext

Launcher update remains free for current owners, but every update requires validation. This is to ensure the current activation key is downloaded since it contains data crucial for any updated version. This is the same for new owners as well.


Launcher Uses Google Authenticator to validate accounts. It's easy, secure and convenient form of authentication.

Download Google Authenticator and install on your mobile devices
App Store:
Play Store:


If you have never login to, or just recently acquired Launcher:

  • Start Launcher
  • Login using your email and your access code
  • Upon successful login, open Google Authenticator, press the "+" icon, and select Scan barcode
  • Scan your QR code using your mobile device.
  • You will use Google Authenticator every time you want to activate or update Launcher.
  • Choose either static or dynamic activation. See this post for details

If you already added Launcher to Google Authenticator:

  • Start Launcher
  • Open Google Authenticator
  • Login to Launcher with you email address and the generated Time-based One Time passcode (TOTP) from Google Authenticator
  • If you are unsuccessful, wait and let Google Authenticator generate a new TOTP and try again
  • Choose either static or dynamic activation. See this post for details

NOTE: Your QR code is always available at