Friday, June 21, 2019

Launcher PRO 3.4.2

Launcher PRO 3.4.2 Build 216 is now available.

Change Log

- Improved CAFD processing and mapping, 200-300% gain typical
- Suppressed dialog G271
- Minor UI change - unified Launch and Abort button
- Fixed: Application launch failure on some system
- Minor bug fixes
-Fixed: Loading VO causes crash

I made a lot of changes for this build, I contemplated on labeling it 3.5. I made some major improvements on CAFD processing and mapping. On my 5th Gen Core i5, using 3.33.4 x64, fully processing HU NBT CAFD takes about 5 seconds, and BDC CAFD shows in under 8 seconds. This is a huge improvement over previous versions where it takes about 20+ seconds to process HU NBT.

I'd be doing further changes in the coming days.

I suppressed the G271 dialog as it's getting too annoying. I don't think anyone cares about what it says anyway.

I also made improvements on the web side. There was an incident where nobody can login, even myself. It was because the server time was  way off. I had to do an emergency deployment and query Internet time to rectify the issue, so the web application doesn't rely on server time anymore.

I recommend everyone to upgrade to this build.