Sunday, December 14, 2014

E-Sys Launcher PRO

E-Sys Launcher Pro

E-Sys Launcher PRO (V1.0.4 as of this writing) is a Next-Generation Universal Token Solution for E-Sys Version 3.22.x and up (except 3.25.x due to bugs with E-Sys). The PRO version is for those who are already using my patchless token solution.

User Interface

E-Sys Launcher Pro FEATURES
1) Increased Default Memory Allocation. E-Sys needs memory and lots of it. Default setting is barely enough for simple cars like the F20/F30s but is hardly sufficient for cars with complex ECUs (F15, F56...etc.). Most coders do well by changing this settings but some aren't aware of this. While it can be easily changed, E-Sys doesn't check the value and if you set it too high, will prevent E-Sys from launching again. The PRO version offers two additional settings over the Premium. Max and Custom.

2) Enhanced Overall System Stability. By ensuring E-Sys gracefully shutdown and JVM properly recycled at the end of each coding session, your system is kept optimized for the next session. Stock E-Sys, more often than not, does not fully terminate when you exit the application. JVM lingers in the background, hogging and leaking memory. The issue becomes more apparent when you start/shutdown E-Sys numerous times, to a point where system restart is required. The PRO version also adds additional setting that boost stability of background tasks spawned by E-Sys

3) Zero E-Sys Configuration. With the launcher, there's no need to reconfigure E-Sys to use different Soft tokens. Those with OEM or my patchless token solutions can keep using it by clicking the Blue E-Sys icon, while using the launcher will use the assigned token, all without having to fiddle with the settings. The order in which you install E-Sys and the Launcher does not matter, as nothing gets modified.

4) Personalized and Individualized Token. The soft token you create from existing patchless tokens will only be usable on your own machine. It cannot be shared and reused on another machine. This also means that someone can't sell you a token and expect it to work. With the built-in Token Generator, creating soft token is as easy as pressing a button. No fiddling around with some command line tool and creating XML data by hand. The PRO version adds the ability to use patchless tokens without having to extend/regenerate it.

5) Absolute Security. It became pretty easy to hack CAFD recently. With the launcher, the risk of using hacked CAFD is reduced to 0. Hacked CAFDs are prevented from loading, exactly the way stock E-Sys does, stopping it dead from its track. Coupled with individualized token, there's no need to worry about hacked CAFD, even the ones that are re-signed and encrypted. BUT, you have to have an unpatched E-Sys. Patched file works by ignoring digital certificates.

6) No-Touch Post Deployment. With the launcher, all you need is to install E-Sys. Already installed E-Sys? No problem, just use the launcher and it just works without adding, modifying, or editing anything. Upgrading E-Sys? Go ahead, launch it and see it work.

7) Supports Multiple Versions/Side-by-Side Setup. If you have multiple versions of E-Sys installed on your machine (like I do), the Launcher PRO can be configured to launch each one with different launch mode. Even if you only have a single instance of E-Sys, it can be launched 4 different ways. 

8) Supports 4 Different Launch Mode. The launcher PRO supports different launch types. This means that you can use the launcher with an OEM Soft Token and just take advantage of the higher memory settings or enhanced stability, or both.

Note: Do not mix and match different solutions, it's not generally recommended and could elevate the security risks the launcher is trying to minimize. 

Feature Comparison

Warning about E-Sys 3.26.x: Be warned that 3.26.x is not as stable as 3.24.3 and you may experience error especially when flashing, with or without the launcher. 3.25.x is worse. I am still using 3.24.3 for this reason. 

Interested? Send me an email at fxxtokenmaster_at_GMail