Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Launcher PRO V5.0.6

Launcher PRO V5.0.5 is now available

Launcher PRO V5.0.6 is now available

Change log

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New Feature: NCD/CAF Comparison Tool

Another substantial release, this time, with integrated NCD/CAF Tool, well, at least partially. The more important feature of the old NCD/CAFD Tool, the NCD/CAF Compare and FA/FP Compare tool has been integrated into the app. This took lots of time, but I did enjoy making it, so it's well worth it.

NCD Comparison tool supports both Coding 1.0 and 2.0 format and can be used to compare against default values, or against another NCD from the same ECU. I use this feature often, and lot of people reminded me how useful it is for them, I actually like this more than the original NCD comparison tool.

New Feature: FA Comparison Tool

FA tool will read an existing FA file, and the vehicle profile (FP) will be recalculated. Simple comparison tool.

I'm planning to add more, as time permits. I hope these new features somehow help in making your cars more personal and more enjoyable.


This build monitors the launch process and will recover if it detects launch failure. When it detects launch failure, it will terminate the process and notify you, giving you a chance to try again. When it does, restart the app before trying again. Not sure yet what is causing it to get stuck, but I've seen it happen with or without optimization, with or without the launcher. 


I just noticed that this build asks for password every time it is started. It's not supposed to do that. I'll look into it and likely come up with a quick update