Saturday, October 22, 2016

Update: Work-in-Progress - Launcher PRO and Premium 2.6

My first blog post after I came back was rather nasty, so I thought I'd post something more like the usual stuff.

I just finished setting up my coding PC after it crashed. I guess it didn't like being idle for so long. Anyway, here's what I'm working at:

Launcher PRO and Premium V2.6.0
- Supports E-Sys 3.28.x
- PSdZData Mapping compatibility: V3.59.4

Premium necessitates generating new token. You'll be asked to provide a PIN and old tokens will no longer work.

Also working on NCD/CAFD Tool with mapping compatibility updated to PSdZData V3.59.4

I hope to get it done in the next 7 days or so. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Launcher Premium Activation - Italy Update

WARNING: Nasty words ahead!!!

So, somebody challenged me and tried to bully me again. Pissed me off enough to write this shit.

As a precursor, see this link as to why there's a need for activation codes in the first place: TokenMaster's Tools Region Ban

After my travel last week, I got the following email from

I totally disagree with the unfair request of activation against us Italians,but at least if you decided to do it, you should answer the request of activation!
Would you please send me the code? I requested it 7 days ago and I cannot code!

To which I replied:

I understand. And I totally disagree with an Italian, Chinese and Russian taking advantage of me and my application - the reason why Italy, Russia and China are restricted. And since you don't feel to good about it, you are free to use other application. I am not forcing you to use any of my tools. Ciao! 

And he fired back:

Sorry for you, but you decided to bully the wrong person.
I am not an Italian thief, I am an Italian PhD and I wrote many essays on Italian magazines and newspapers about Bmw cars as a technical journalist specialized in car reviews.
So I feel deeply offended to be considered a thief only because of my birthplace: this is racism!
I do not know what some "Italian, Chinese and Russian" people did with your software or your person, but I cannot be held responsible for other people's actions.
If you are looking for thieves, the only ones I encountered are these:
as they are SELLING your software for money. And if you're living in the aforementioned countries... you buy it, and you cannot use it as activation is requested. You should take actions against them.
But speaking of me, I politely requested activation clicking a button in your software, and had no answer for eight days.
You ignored my request, but you were promptly answering me when I complained!
Full of arrogance and racism you are offending me, and not giving me the code I KINDLY AND POLITELY requested for days, you think to punish me (for guilts that are not mine) not letting me use your software.
Well, I am sorry but it took only 20 minutes to change Windows country and use your excellent software.
So I am no more requesting your activation code, but your excuses.
Otherwise, I will publish your racist and arrogant answer, and as a journalist you can be sure I will.
I hope you'll learn that a person is only responsible for his actions, and cannot be offended and bullied only because of his nationality.

Threats rub me off the wrong way. This pissed me of pretty bad, so my final reply:

Thanks for proving my point. I'm so glad I put those checks in place for people like you. If you think I don't know the workaround, you're gravely mistaken. Enjoy it while it lasts. As you so arrogantly called me names and accused me things, I will make sure the new version won't have the workaround. I hope the rest of Italy are proud of what you have done.
The only bully between the two of us is you. You can write anything against me for all I care. Prove to me that you fucking people in the media are all dirty, socialist and self-entitled. I so dare you!
Don't even try to respond, you're already blocked.
If you are going to be an ungrateful bitch, take it somewhere else. I'm not having any of that, regardless of your pedigree. I don't care whether you have a PhD or didn't graduate, it's all bullshit to me. I guess you can't learn manners in Universities.

So, apology to my Italian (and Russian and Chinese) friends for the changes that I will be implementing. Again, if I can focus the ban on a few individuals, I'd do that.