Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Think You Need a Token? Maybe Not...

I’m surprised that quite a few thinks that software token is required to use E-Sys. Some even think it’s needed to “unlock” the software before use. As I always tell somebody who’s asking for a token, it’s not always needed. Never fails to bring a smile when they come back and say “thanks, it worked!”. Believe it or not, I’m just as happy as you are saving a few bucks.

There’s only a few places in the app where it is needed, and depends on what you intend to do, you may not even need it at all. Connecting and reading coding data, Vehicle Order (FA), VO Coding, Flashing, clearing codes (via Transmitter app), importing/exporting FSC, FA/SVT/TAL editor, TAL calculation/processing don’t need a token. Viewing CAF, viewing/editing FDL, and FDL coding do require one.

Let me just clear one thing before I go further. Coding will only enable (or disable) what your car can already do, but may disabled from factory. Coding will not let you fold your mirrors if you don’t have the motorized mirrors. Variable Light Distribution will not work if you don’t have KAFAS (Cameras). It can’t magically do what you want it to do without supporting hardware.

So, you want Enhanced Bluetooth (EBT)? Can do, without token. Want to turn off Auto Start/Stop? Yup, no token required. Enable VLD? Unlock boot with doors? Normal/very sensitive light control? Alpine retrofit? Seatbelt reminder off? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!

Just a note on seatbelt minder. I didn’t touch this. Anything related to safety, I keep the default. It doesn’t bother me, so it stays on. Same goes true for VIM, GPS warning...etc.

How? Before I go further, let me state that I didn’t find any of the following items myself. Somebody else found 'em and is heavily discussed in different BMW boards. Let me know if you discover it and you want credit. I’ll be glad to give credit where it’s due. I simply don't know so I'm leaving it.

EBT – change 6NH to one of 6NK, 6NL, 6NS. Note: You must have COMBOX or NBT or the newer HU like ENTRYNAV
VLD (Anti Dazzle) – See this thread:
Seatbelt minder – HO-Wort OI11, OI12 and VO Code ACSM
ASS – Add OMSA to your HO-Wort (HO-Words) and VO Code FEM
 Retrofit Alpine – HO-Wort HIFI, VO Code NBT
“Retrofit” Satellite Tuner – Import FSC, remove 693, add 655, VO Code NBT
The above is not by any means complete, nor definitive.

How to change VO and perform VO Coding: (From ShawnSheridan)

As for VO Coding, the way I do it is that I have my modified FA XML File that I load and activate whenever I need to do VO coding. I don’t write this modified FA back into the car. If you are worried that your dealership will be a pain in the a$$ when it comes to these matter, then, ensuring your VCM is not updated will be in your best interest. I’m lucky my dealership couldn’t care less but this is not to say that it’s OK to do it nor is your dealership gonna be the same.

NCD / CAFD Tool V0.2.6 Alpha

NcdCafdTool V0.2.6 was released sometime back.

Added "What-If" SVT-CAFD

This feature uses your SVT, instead of individual NCD files, for input. CAFD file version associated with your current I-Step, will be determined automatically from SVT file.
FAFP will be retrieved from CAFD and any main series not used by CAFD will be excluded. Selected Build Level will control available options. If multiple ECUs are affected by a particular option, all CAFDs pertaining to these ECUs will be listed.

You can quickly find an option by selecting an item, then typing it in, e.g. 6WA, 6NS...etc.

Results are determined by a particular CAFD and not every option will have an effect on the selected CAFD. Don't select any options that obviously don't have any code associated to it, e.g. 130, 23B

Results are meant to be use as a guide only. They are by no means authoritative or definitive. Verify and use at your own risks.

If you have customized the settings, don't overwrite "NcdCafdTool.exe.Config" or your settings will be replaced.

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