Sunday, May 31, 2015

E-Sys Launcher 2.0 PRO and Premium Update

Both versions of E-Sys Launcher has been updated with fix to the mapping database.  E-Sys Launcher Premium is now at version 2.0.5 Build 51 and can be found in the same usual link.

E-Sys Launcher PRO is now at version 2.0.7 Build 59. I changed the link for the PRO.

Additionally, as a result of people selling my software, I've implemented a control. PRO now requires one time activation code. Launcher PRO will ask you for an activation code when you first try to launch E-Sys. You can request for and enter an activation code directly from the tool.

If you are interested in E-Sys Launcher PRO 2.0, email me at fxxtokenmaster_at_GMail

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

TokenMaster's Tools Region Ban

Due to large number of people reselling my tools in China, I decided to completely ban China from using any of my tools, until further notice. Despite me asking these people to stop reselling, it seems there's no way they'd listen. It is quite unfortunate and disheartening, but when something  designed for a good cause is misused for personal gain, I have to do something about it.

Sure, I can implement a sophisticated check, activation, server validation, hardware lock, ...etc., but the point is, I was hoping I didn't have to. I was hoping people would do the right thing. Evidently, that is asking too much.

Rather than punishing the entire community for the fault of the few, I decided to just shut these people out. Of course, there will never be a way to do it on an individual level, so the only choice is to ban the entire region.

Those who already have my tools can continue to use them. Those who resell and obtained them somewhere else will have to contend themselves with a faulty version. There's no upgrade path either.

I hope China will be the last to do this, because I can do this to other regions too.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Someone is repackaging my E-Sys Launcher PRO and packaging it as ESysLauncherPROSetup_2.0.0_Build_45.rar. This file didn't come from me. It appears the RAR file is password protected. If you see this file, do not download it for the following reason:

1) It is not for sale and whatever token that comes with it will be blocked and will be useless
2) Build 45 is the first release. The mapping data that came with this build is faulty. Check CAS and see if you get any descriptive text at all. That is just one of the many ECU affected. FEM, IHKA,KOMBI, NBT, CIC...etc. are also affected, some partially, others completely.

If you get the bright idea of updating the mapping data, don't bother. Encryption key is different and will be totally useless.

This is the kind of actions I absolutely abhor, it's despicable. You do something and someone is bound to exploit it.

UPDATE: I've been getting barrage of emails asking for token, or password or decryption key from this build. I don't know any password, nor decryption key, so please if you DO NOT ask me, if you insist on using this build.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

E-Sys Launcher 2.0 - PRO and Premium Feature Comparision

E-Sys Launcher 2.0 PRO vs. Premium

I have released both E-Sys Launcher PRO and Premium 2.0 last week. I should have made this blog before releasing it but better late than never.

Here's a feature comparison between the versions of E-Sys Launchers.

 The Premium is made specifically for individual and personal use only. For one's normal coding need, the Premium will fulfill 99% of that need.

I have added some limitations to prevent some entities from overusing the Premium. Some people are using the Premium to code for other people and charge a substantial fee. I don't have a problem with that practice, but when these very same people peruse the forum and the community's findings and leverage these knowledge for their business, all the while being too arrogant and not giving anything back, that rubs me off in a wrong way. When your whole coding skills is acquired by reading the forum, you shouldn't be too proud so as to say you are against sharing information, for without the forum, you have zero knowledge. Perusing it without so much as giving thanks to those who deserve it doesn't work well for me.

PSdZdata Mapping - Premium will only have the Datagroups, Functions and Parameter names. PRO will have comments as well.

PSdZdata Mapping Restriction - Premium requires you choose a series for your car. This is used when performing FAFP/CAFD mapping translation. If you open an FA.xml from a different series, no translation will be done. If you open an NCD or CAFD which doesn't apply to your chosen series, no mapping will be done and you'll simply see dots again. The Launcher warns you about the change when you select a series, so take heed.

Note that none of these reduce the functionality of E-Sys. These restrictions are only for PSdZdata mapping and you can use E-Sys the same way as you did before, with or without the Launchers.

"But I have 2 (or insert however many cars you have here) cars, what about me?" - You can change series after 3 days. Or better yet, upgrade to the PRO version. The PRO don't have any restrictions.

"I code for a fee" -  Premium isn't for you.

PRO is not for free and is not for a fee either. If you are interested in E-Sys Launcher PRO 2.0, email me at fxxtokenmaster_at_GMail