Sunday, June 28, 2020


Starting with V3.34.0, Online signing has been implemented. I did change this to offline/On-premise signing, but I think it's no use to keep reverting to offline signing. I've been working on V3.35(V3.35.1) and V3.36 (V3.36.1, V3.36.2) and have these versions working, but I really do want to support Coding 2.0. This is the future and where we're all going. This means new format of everything and will make everything as we know it today, obsolete. This includes the current mapping technology, and even the NCDF/CAFD Tool.

I've been contemplating releasing an update and retrofit support for Coding 2.0, but my desire to support it and do it right the first time prevailed.

I've checked the latest PSdZdata and we do have a few CAFD 2.0, but seems to be faulty. I can generate NCD 2.0, but I wanted a factory one. So, I'm looking for NCD and CAFD 2.0. These are found in newer G20, G08, i4...etc. If anyone has them, I'd appreciate a couple of samples, better yet, the entire set, including FA.

This is really a big change, so bear with me as we tread this uncharted waters together. I'd be devoting time to this in the following weeks or months even.