Friday, January 27, 2017

Small updates, workaround,...etc.

I've been having short trips lately, so I started lagging behind my emails again. I know it is very frustrating to not receive response within the day, and I'm sorry for that, but I really don't have a choice. I don't bring my tools and apps with me, so I'm not able to provide a useful reply.

I have some send an email and several follow ups within the same day for several days. What I do, is open my email and start at the oldest unread ones and work my way up and process a small set up to whatever I can accommodate on that day. If you send several follow ups, what it does is push your email farther and farther down the queue. Again, I apologize. It's my fault but not much I can do either.


FDL Cheat Codes bug. The latest release of Launchers includes new FDL cheat code for Korea. However, this introduced a bug as well, where you'll see "Unknown Error" when trying to fetch codes. It's caused by this file. You can remove the XML as a workaround, until I get around to fixing it.

Some people have been using Premium and keep advancing date until it no longer works. Then send me an email asking me to fix it. That was put in there for a reason and don't expect help from me if you'd do that. Premium is for those people who code their own car. If you have the need to change the date to code another car, then it's not for you. This has been happening a lot to a point where I find it annoying.

But there's more...

There's a few people asking for activation codes. That's not a problem in itself and I'd give one when I get to it, but when the same people ask for multiple activation codes, that's when I have issues with it. Premium is not for those people.

And more...

Some E-Bay sellers are selling the Launcher. Well, I can't stop you from buying free software.

And finally...

There's something that has been happening lately that I find very troubling, that I have to write about it. Some people have been sending me fake receipts and recycled receipts. I have received quite a lot, more than 20 of those. So many that a pattern has emerged, and showed a few particular demographics are behind it. I mean, come on now. How jaded and twisted can one be to resort to that thing?  It's just very disheartening and makes me lose interest. :(