Sunday, October 8, 2017

TokenMaster's Launcher PRO 2.9.11 Build 306

TokenMaster's Launcher PRO V2.9.11  is now available.

Change log

Launcher PRO V2.9.11 Build 305
- Fixed activation on freshly installed Launcher
- Added feature to exclude Knowledge Bases (KisDB)
- Minor bug fixes

V2.9.11 added the capability to exclude some selected knowledge bases. Without this feature, all KB databases are loaded, hogging and wasting memory resources. Resources which 32-bit JRE doesn't have a lot of. It doesn't matter whether you have 2GB or 16GB, 32-bit JRE can only allocate so much. This is one of the driving factor why I introduced the use of 64-bit JRE.

This scenario poses problems to some users, specially does who have the X cars, because BDC_Body needs significant amount of memory. And while CAF for these complex ECUs may be loaded successfully, JRE often times, is left with not enough memory to process other stuff, like mapped CAFDs.

In the preceding image, I selected all I's, K's, R's, and S(G)-series, because I don't have any car belonging to those series, certainly not Rolls-Royce. The selected options will be prevent from loading. When I selected these series, they no longer show up as target in connection window, and the corresponding KIS DBs are no longer loaded. These save JRE both some processing time and memory.

Java (used/javamem): 117,964,784 # Java (full): 147,849,216 # Java (max): 1,073,741,824 #

Java (used/javamem): 77,492,896 # Java (full): 93,323,264 # Java (max): 1,073,741,824 #
It's not a whole lot, but when you put into perspective how much RAM can 32-bit JRE use per process, it's certainly significant.