Saturday, December 7, 2019

Launcher PRO 3.7.0 and Website Update

Launcher PRO 3.7.0 Build 315 is now available.

Change Log
3.7.0 Build 315
- Huge improvement in CAFD processing (BDC, NBT and MGU in the low 2s)
- Better, more accurate CAF mapping and translation
- Significant reduction in memory usage
- Improved 32-bit app performance and stability
- Better handling of low memory condition in 32-bit app
- Fixed: Bug in JNI component that was introduced in V3.2+
- Minor bug fixes

*Requires Google Authenticator mobile app. Download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Note: Please see and blog before upgrading to 3.1+. Launcher PRO now uses Time-based One-time Password for authentication. 
Google Authenticator is required when using dynamic activation and when updating the Launcher.

This is a must-have update. It's more stable all around. 32-bit app has been causing low-memory condition, resulting anywhere from failed mapping to app crash. I put extensive work on this build to significantly reduce memory usage, improve stability and enhanced the performance of the mapping module. The following image shows the timing when opening HU NBT and BDC_BODY CAF.

Like the new graphic, I'd like to call this the Concept 4 Edition. Like the Concept 4, the Launcher is just leaner, meaner and faster all around.

To fully appreciate the improvements, use the 64-bit versions. It's just way so much better. When using 32-bit versions, expect the Launcher to fallback to slower method most of the time due to memory constraint. It's no slouch at all, but it's nowhere near the performance it can achieve when using 64-bit versions.

Website Update

My web host has been doing changes to their infrastructure, causing unintended side-effect on my app. I noticed a couple of days ago that validation has been failing, and upon further investigation, found that my web host did drastic settings changes which caused a critical function of my web app to fail. I scrambled to find a solution and worked around this changes, since they won't acquiesce to reverting the changes. Anyway, I'm glad to announce that I rewrote the affected portion of my website, so login/validation is working again. 

If you have been experiencing problems recently when trying to login/activate, please try again and let me know if the issue persist.

**Don't use the comment section to ask where to get it and stop posting your email addresses

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 is UP

My Web host is DOWN for 3 days now. 

All customers are not privy to what is happening and we're being kept in the dark. Sorry for the inconvenience and I appreciate your patience. I'm hoping to get my site back up and running, sooner than later.

My site is now up, at least for the moment. My host drop the ball big time and all files were replaced with a very old version. I just can't wait any longer and blasted the entire site with files that I know are working.
I'll have to check what else has changed and act accordingly, so, it may go down from time to time.
I apologize for any inconvenience.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Launcher PRO 3.6.0

Launcher PRO 3.6.0 Build 288 is now available.

Change Log
3.6.0 Build 288
- Added: Support for 3.34 64bit Only
- Improved PSdZ Handling and Translation
- Minor bug fixes

*Requires Google Authenticator mobile app. Download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Note: Please see and blog before upgrading to 3.1+. Launcher PRO now uses Time-based One-time Password for authentication. 
Google Authenticator is required when using dynamic activation and when updating the Launcher.

V3.34 is really interesting, but appears to be an indication of how things are, going forward. The easier way to deal with it would have been to provide an alternate REST API for signing and encrypting NCD, but I don't believe in encrypting user's data.  It's my NCD, I'd like to not be locked out of it, so I chose the harder way. NCD files remain not encrypted. Properly signed, but not encrypted.

It appears to be well-coded and stable. I like this version a lot.

**Don't use the comment section to ask where to get it and stop posting your email addresses

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


I've been playing with a friend's G01 XDrive these couple of days, (well, it's been more than a week, but who's counting?). No serious coding yet, just taking a look-see at what can be done with it.

G01 is really nice. It's small enough to replace a sedan, but not big enough to compete with a family SUV. I like it, so much so, that it gave me enough motivation to go and shop around, and shop around I did. I've looked and test drove a couple of G20s. I like the G20, so much technology squeezed into that little car. However, I'm still more impressed with the G01, even with its older technology. I know it will have the Live Cockpit Pro and ID7 in the coming builds, so G01 will have all the same bells and whistles that the G20 has.

Did I say I like the G01? YES, I like it. I like it so much that a new G01 will be coming home with me soon :(  Just deciding between BSM, Alpine White, Mineral White. Leaning towards BSM, like my F30. I wish I can turn off XDrive. I mean, in my suburban settings, I hardly have the need for it but I want it, in case I need it.

I can hear a voice screaming inside my head: "Ahhhh, noooooo, wait for a couple of months and you'll have all the good stuff the G20 has!!!!!". F*ck my EQ,  I wanna drive it NOW!!! Giving up the i3 for it. I think I'm OK with that trade. That thing depreciates like crazy, though.

I detailed my F30 last weekend, to help me contain my excitement. She still runs like a champ, and she aged gracefully. After getting in a G20 though, it does feel really old.

And you know what else it motivated me to do? Dusted off NCD/CAFD Tool. The tool is so outdated that I see a lot of inaccuracies, and the "What-If"s functions are really crawling. Of course, the format of NCD and CAF files have changed a little bit too, and so are the rules for functions.

I just want to quickly bring it back to life, so I plugged in the components from Launcher PRO. It has so much dependencies on it, but it gave me the benefit of quickly analyzing the G-series stuff. So far, so good. I can see some minor issue with mapping though, but that's just given, the way we do things.

I can't wait to fully analyze the CAFs on this G01. Hopefully, I can enable and test some stuff soon, in preparation for my own car.

My friend has been asking what we can possibly change with his car, but hasn't asked for it back. I might keep it for another week or so. NO! I WILL keep it for another week or so  😂

UPDATE: 09/07/2019
There seem to be a lot of potential, but I just don't have enough time to test them. So far, here's what I did to this X3:

  • Speed Limit Info (SLI) - Note: FSC is required. I opted for the Euro Style SLI, the while circle with red outline. This is what I have on my i3, but the new US default is just silly, with the word "Speed Limit" on top of the value in a white rounded rectangle. That's just plain silly. It's nice how the HUD turns red, and the dial have a red trailing line when you go over the limit.
  • Auto Start/Stop Memory - I wonder why this isn't the default yet
  • Tailgate/Lid Angle/Height Settings
  • Tire Temperature - Default only shows pressure
  • Auto Park Assist On
  • Cross Traffic Alert - haven't tested yet.

By the way, I'm getting a BSM

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Launcher PRO 3.5.1

Launcher PRO 3.5.1 Build 216 is now available.

Change Log
3.5.1 Build 2.6.1
- Fixed: Opening Settings screen crashes Launcher

3.5.0 Build 252
- Reduced and improved memory utilization
- Minor bug fixes

*Requires Google Authenticator mobile app. Download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Note: Please see and blog before upgrading to 3.1+. Launcher PRO now uses Time-based One-time Password for authentication. 
Google Authenticator is required when using dynamic activation and when updating the Launcher.

There's quite a bit of changes to this version, mainly, handling of JVM, less memory utilization and minimal use of temporary files. There's still tons of room for improvement.

I did test this on Win7 x86 FR, Win10 x86 TR, Win10 x64 RU and Win10 x64 EN, so hopefully, any compatibility issue is minimized.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Launcher PRO 3.4.2

Launcher PRO 3.4.2 Build 216 is now available.

Change Log

- Improved CAFD processing and mapping, 200-300% gain typical
- Suppressed dialog G271
- Minor UI change - unified Launch and Abort button
- Fixed: Application launch failure on some system
- Minor bug fixes
-Fixed: Loading VO causes crash

I made a lot of changes for this build, I contemplated on labeling it 3.5. I made some major improvements on CAFD processing and mapping. On my 5th Gen Core i5, using 3.33.4 x64, fully processing HU NBT CAFD takes about 5 seconds, and BDC CAFD shows in under 8 seconds. This is a huge improvement over previous versions where it takes about 20+ seconds to process HU NBT.

I'd be doing further changes in the coming days.

I suppressed the G271 dialog as it's getting too annoying. I don't think anyone cares about what it says anyway.

I also made improvements on the web side. There was an incident where nobody can login, even myself. It was because the server time was  way off. I had to do an emergency deployment and query Internet time to rectify the issue, so the web application doesn't rely on server time anymore.

I recommend everyone to upgrade to this build.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Launcher PRO 3.4.0

Launcher PRO 3.4.0 Build 191 is now available.

Change Log
3.4.0 Build 191
- Added: Support for 3.33.4 64bit Only
- Updated: CAFD Mapping compatibility level: 18-04 i-Step
- Removed: Required root certificate
- Minor bug fixes

NOTE: Authenticode RSA certificate is no longer required, but installing RSA Certificate with "EB06BA22 6FB31CD3 787A2ABB 84E71D61 F1CEA5B9" thumbprint to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store on current user is still recommended. This certificate can only be used for Authenticode purposes and cannot be used to create intermediate or subordinate, or end entities certificates.

  To Install Certificate:
via Command prompt: LauncherPro3.exe installcert
via Windows: Right-click LauncherPro3.exe > Properties > Digital Signatures > Details > View Certificate > Install Certificate and install it under Trusted Root Certification Authorities store

  To Delete Certificate:
via Command prompt: LauncherPro3.exe removecert
or use mmc.exe and Certificate Snap-in. See

*Requires Google Authenticator mobile app. Download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Note: Please see and blog before upgrading to 3.1+. Launcher PRO now uses Time-based One-time Password for authentication. 
Google Authenticator is required when using dynamic activation and when updating the Launcher.

NOTE: For WIndows 7 users, if you're having problems with validation/activation, Windows is probably not using TLS 1.2 to communicate to my site. Check the following registry key, as shown in the image:

First thing to do is ensure all updates are installed. If you don't see TLS 1.2 key, create it, then create the Client key under it. The two DWORD values must exist and should contain data as shown in the image. Restart WIndows and try again

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificate

The recent release of Launcher PRO 3.0, and the re-release Launcher 2.0 BFU_XODE edition, is digitally signed and conforms with Windows Authenticode. Why do I need it, or the better question is, why do you need it? Authenticode or digitally signing a file ensures that the file is exactly how I released it when it gets to end users. It ensures the integrity of a file.

This only works if the user actively checks it, though. I have been signing every releases, but it's only the last release where I actively check digital signatures.

I'm honestly surprised to learn that there's a good number of people who doesn't know what it is, how to check it, and what it is for. Along with those, there are also some people who casted doubt and hurled accusations as to what my real intentions were.

I find it both humorous and preposterous at the same time, that these people would even insinuate that I'm up to no good. I mean, I've been doing this for a while now, and starting something nefarious just doesn't make sense, and just not my style. They're trying to cast doubts, but really, they don't know a thing about digital signature.

Anyone can check for themselves. If you check the digital signature by right-clicking the executable:

First thing to check is where it says "This digital signature is OK". NOTE: This will say something else if the certificate is not trusted, even if the digital signature checks out.

If you click View Certificate, you'll see the following:

The intended purpose of the certificate is important. As you can see, it's sole purpose is limited to digital signature, nothing more, nothing less. It cannot be used for server identification, create or issue or sign another certificate, or server or client authentication, or encryption/decryption, or anything else for that matter.

In short, the certificate cannot be used for exploit such as Man in the Middle (MITM) Attack. It's just not possible. Besides, for MITM to succeed, you have to be really stupid and do several things before it even initiates. Things that Windows Defender or modern browsers will reject.

These talking heads just want to insinuate things, but don't know jack.But I'm glad, because it forces me to look for better alternatives.

The only reason I'm using a self-signed code signing certificate is that it costs a lot, $200-$400/year, with the Extended Validation costing twice as much. I'm not going to spend that much penny.

Having said that, I decided that installing the root certificate is now not required. I found a way to validate digital signatures without needing to trust the certificate first. Obvious drawback is that it's less accurate and slower, and not at par to the level of security I intended.

The installed certificate can be removed by following these instructions:

- Add The certificates Snap-In
- Delete a Certificate

Also, from the command line, type LauncherPro.exe -cert

The next version of Launcher PRO will incorporate this. The repacked Launcher 2.0 Build 162 already have it.

I hope I shed some light into this. And again, nefarious stuff are not my thing, matter of factly, it's the opposite. My Launchers don't load modified files, remember?

Sunday, May 5, 2019

E-Sys Launcher PRO 2.8.2???

E-Sys Launcher PRO 2.8.2? Is it making a comeback? Well, not quite.

First and foremost, anyone on V3.0 should totally ignore this. This is a legacy app that isn't maintained, absolutely old and should be completely forgotten. Still here? Keep reading then.

So, why release it then? Well, some enterprising individuals, unscrupulous, disgusting individuals, decided to make money out of older versions of E-Sys Launcher PRO. One stole the code and decided to slap a different UI and started selling it for a lot of money. Others decided to make their activation code generators and started selling it. These people frequent forum and jump at every opportunity to peddle their stuff, like a rabid dog trying to get to a filthy bone. They send unsolicited PM/DMs, and without shame, would directly post a for-sale threads.

See, they managed to scam a lot of people, and a big number of these people think they bought their tokens from me, and would demand for activation codes. They would get mad if I don't give them activation codes. There were quite a few who were really pissed and would accuse me of scamming them. So messed up.

It's time to put an end to that. I'm sick of these people. I thought "Honor among thieves" were a thing. Apparently not when it comes to money. These sick individuals can't come up with their own solution, so the best they can do is to rip someone else's work. This is mainly the reason why I lose interest in all of these. There are so many things I wanted to do with my tools, but these cretins not only stole my work, but my drive to create tools. My drive to advance development.

Anyway, it seems these morons are making money out of V2.8.1, so I'm giving V2.8.1 away free, in the form of V2.8.2 BFU_XODE Edition., as a Big Middle Finger salute to PaulX, oemnavigations, dconer, and all disgusting eBay sellers and a few other similar bottom feeders. These people are absolutely disgusting. BMWdriva is the worst of his kind. That piece of shit, sad excuse for a sub human, is stealing oxygen.

Download repackaged  E-Sys Launcher PRO V2.8.2 Build 162b
Download Token BFU_XODE.est
PIN: 12345678
Activation Code: B1G_F*CK_Y0U_paulX_oemnavigations_dconer_ebaysellers.-Your_lack_of_decency_creativity_and_imagination_is_reprehensible.-Your$greed$even_more_repugnant_and_despicable

The special activation code will work on any request code. No need to ask for activation codes from me, or anyone else for that matter.

No support of any form is provided, and zero fucks given.


UPDATE: 06/20/2020 - Uninstall the old version, download and reinstall the new, repackaged version and the updated BFU_XODE.EST