Monday, September 24, 2018

Launcher PRO 3.2.0

Launcher PRO 3.2.0 Build 144 is now available.

Change Log
3.2.0 Build 144
- Added: Support for 3.33.0 32 and 64bit
- Added: Support for 3.32.2 32 and 64bit
- Updated: CAFD Mapping using 17-11 iStep as base for greatest compatibility with the newest PSdZdata
- Minor bug fixes

*Requires Google Authenticator mobile app. Download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Looks like 32bit is going away real soon. 3.33 gives you warning when using the 32-bit version.
 This version still supports both 32 and 64bit.

NOTE: Please Do NOT use the comment section to request software. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Launcher PRO 3.1.1

Launcher PRO 3.1.1 Build 133 is now available.

Change Log
3.1.1 Build 133
- Added: Support for 3.32.1 32 and 64bit
- Minor Update: FA and CAFD Mapping 
- Minor bug fixes

*Requires Google Authenticator mobile app. Download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Now that a native 64bit app is out, I am planning to drop support for 32bit versions. There's just no reason to use 32bit anymore. For what we do, and what the application demand, 64bit just makes a lot of sense. I just wished it came out a lot sooner. It took several years for 64bit to be natively supported, and as the first person to painfully and intensively shoehorned, countlessly and tirelessly tested, used and experimented on 64bit JRE, I can't tell you enough how excited I am hearing and anticipating the release of 3.32.1 x64. I've been counting the days since I've heard of it back in February, only to be disappointed upon learning about a month ago, that I can't work on it immediately. 

Anyway, I'm just glad to be able to add support to it. This version still supports both 32 and 64bit, but hopefully, not for long. I hope to exclusively use 64bit.

NOTE: Please Do NOT use the comment section to request software. 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Guide: How to Update or Activate Launcher PRO 3.1+

How to update or activate Launcher PRO 3.1 and vNext

Launcher update remains free for current owners, but every update requires validation. This is to ensure the current activation key is downloaded since it contains data crucial for any updated version. This is the same for new owners as well.


Launcher Uses Google Authenticator to validate accounts. It's easy, secure and convenient form of authentication.

Download Google Authenticator and install on your mobile devices
App Store:
Play Store:


If you have never login to, or just recently acquired Launcher:

  • Start Launcher
  • Login using your email and your access code
  • Upon successful login, open Google Authenticator, press the "+" icon, and select Scan barcode
  • Scan your QR code using your mobile device.
  • You will use Google Authenticator every time you want to activate or update Launcher.
  • Choose either static or dynamic activation. See this post for details

If you already added Launcher to Google Authenticator:

  • Start Launcher
  • Open Google Authenticator
  • Login to Launcher with you email address and the generated Time-based One Time passcode (TOTP) from Google Authenticator
  • If you are unsuccessful, wait and let Google Authenticator generate a new TOTP and try again
  • Choose either static or dynamic activation. See this post for details

NOTE: Your QR code is always available at 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Launcher PRO 3.1.0

Launcher PRO 3.1.0 Build 116 is now available.

Change Log
- Added: Support for 3.32
- Added: *In-App Activation
- Added: *Dynamic + Static activation
- Minor bug fixes

*Requires Google Authenticator mobile app. Download from the App Store or Play Store

Launcher PRO now uses Time-based One-time Password for authentication. Google Authenticator is required when using dynamic activation and when updating the Launcher. It is critical that your mobile device's system time is up to date. Any discrepancy greater than 30 seconds will result in failed authentication.

Dynamic activation allows you to use a different PC for at east 7 days without using your limit count. Dynamic activation requires an active Internet connection for core functions.

I realized I have not put enough information out there, so I'll take this opportunity discuss the difference between static and dynamic activation.

Static Activation - This is the classic way of activating Launcher, but the Launcher now does everything for you, instead of you downloading and providing the code. Everything else stays the same.

Dynamic Activation - As previously stated, dynamic activation allows you to use another PC without using up your activation limit. Dynamic activation is most useful when using a temporary PC, or your friend's laptop. This is a temporary activation that expires in 7 days and will require you to re-login again.

For your main workhorse, static activation is recommended. It doesn't require an active Internet connection.

NOTE: Do NOT use the comment section to request software here. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Launcher PRO 3.0.4...and More Updates

Launcher PRO 3.0.4 Build 90 is out now.

Change Log
- Added: High DPI Fix for Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition
- Updated: CAFD Mapping compatibility level: 17-03 i-Step
- Fixed: Unchecking KIS DB options wasn't applied
- Fixed: CAFD Mapping verbosity set to basic

This stable build has some important changes, particularly, the CAFD Mapping compatibility level has been updated to i-Step 17-03. Next will be full i-Step 17-11. There are also some small, but important fixes, like the High DPI fix for Windows 10.

In other news. I am still struggling to catch up with my emails. My last 3 weekends and most of my nights have been spent answering emails and supporting people. It sucks, big time. This isn't how I envisioned this. Like every other guy, I want to spend my weekends with my kids, watch football or basketball with a beer in hand, or at least work on something else. I've managed to do nothing of those in the last few weekends. I've been watching the Warriors on DVR, just so I can multitasks, instead of watching them live. It sucks, it's pathetic and I will have none of it any longer. I need to regain my life and my time back.

The people who really need me are suffering and I'm making more people mad because I can't reply to emails and it just keeps piling up. I'd rather be coding or doing something else, but people are getting too impatient and some are downright rude. I can't deal with these people. And for this very reason, I'm bringing the Launcher Premium back. V2.8.0 is out now. Other than extended token validity and some small changes, there's no change in feature set.

It's free for personal-use, absolutely not intended for commercial-use, and if people are too happy to buy a free software from somebody else, I can't help these people. If you think you bought my software from eBay, think again. You will not get support my support.

With the Premium back, I hope I can catch up to my emails and have some much needed peace and weekend rest.

NOTE: Do NOT use the comment section to request software here. I will start deleting comments with such nature, going forward.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Launcher PRO 3.0.2 is Out

Launcher PRO 3.0.2 build 72 is now out

Change Log:
- Fixed: Using DE locale shows corrupted characters i.e., About dialog
- Fixed: Using High DPI Fix produces error
- Fixed: In locale where extended characters are mostly used, Launcher PRO may fail to launch application if installed in default folder
- Custom memory maximum value is back to 8GB. NOTE: Only for x64 JRE. For 32-bit JRE, High is the maximum value that can launch app consistently
- Updated and optimized CAFD mapping

NOTE: Please do not download the app and then request for activation code. It doesn't work that way. I spent significant amount of time verifying and responding to emails and request for code is a huge chunk of it, and it's already taking its toll on me. I had to slow down responding to emails in the last couple of days because there's no time left for me to work on the Launcher, and I know I have a few fixes that I needed to do. I also help people remotely and this adds up. I'm trying really hard to keep up with my emails, but there's not a lot of time in a day, but I assure everyone that you will hear from me.

And lastly, do not request and post your email address in the comment section. Send all inquiries to fxxtokenmaster_gmail_com. I do not respond to any emails posted here.

Thanks for your understanding.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Troubleshooting Launcher PRO 3.0: Launcher Opens but does not launch application

I've heard several reports now that in some instances, mostly non-English locale, Launcher PRO fails to launch the application and just disappears. Please try the following:

Method 1: Check the memory settings. If you are using stock JRE (32-bit JRE), High is the most you should set it at. Anything higher will likely fail. If setting to Medium or High solves the problem, then you're done. If not, proceed to Method 2.

Method 2:
 a) Copy the contents of  C:\Program Files (x86)\TokenMaster\Launcher PRO to a temporary folder, say C:\Temp.
 b) Run LauncherPRO.exe. If the application is launched successfully, proceed to the next step. If not, please contact me via email at fxxtokenmaster_gmail_com
 c) Uninstall Launcher PRO 3.0
 d) Install Launcher PRO, but change the location to <Drive>:\Program Files (x86)\TokenMaster\LauncherPRO. - Note: remove the space between  Launcher and PRO.
 e) If the application is launched successfully, you're done, else, proceed to the next step
 f) Reinstall Launcher PRO, but change the location to <Drive>:\LauncherPRO.
 g) If the application is launched successfully, you're done, else, contact me via email.

I am still looking into this issue and hope to resolve it real soon.