Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Launcher PRO V5.0.6

Launcher PRO V5.0.5 is now available

Launcher PRO V5.0.6 is now available

Change log

Supported Apps

New Feature: NCD/CAF Comparison Tool

Another substantial release, this time, with integrated NCD/CAF Tool, well, at least partially. The more important feature of the old NCD/CAFD Tool, the NCD/CAF Compare and FA/FP Compare tool has been integrated into the app. This took lots of time, but I did enjoy making it, so it's well worth it.

NCD Comparison tool supports both Coding 1.0 and 2.0 format and can be used to compare against default values, or against another NCD from the same ECU. I use this feature often, and lot of people reminded me how useful it is for them, I actually like this more than the original NCD comparison tool.

New Feature: FA Comparison Tool

FA tool will read an existing FA file, and the vehicle profile (FP) will be recalculated. Simple comparison tool.

I'm planning to add more, as time permits. I hope these new features somehow help in making your cars more personal and more enjoyable.


This build monitors the launch process and will recover if it detects launch failure. When it detects launch failure, it will terminate the process and notify you, giving you a chance to try again. When it does, restart the app before trying again. Not sure yet what is causing it to get stuck, but I've seen it happen with or without optimization, with or without the launcher. 


I just noticed that this build asks for password every time it is started. It's not supposed to do that. I'll look into it and likely come up with a quick update

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Launcher PRO V5.0.4

 Launcher PRO V5.0.4 is now available

I've realized I haven't mentioned about localization that was added in the Launcher since V5.0.1. I thought now is a good time to mention this. I've added a basic localization via json file. Sample output below (and pardon me, my German is pretty bad)

I'd love to see the Launcher localized and please, help if you can. This can be done by creating a json resource file. Format of the file is Resources.<ISO_language_country>,json. The 2-letter ISO language and country should match the PC's locale. The json file will have to be in %LocalAppData%\LauncherPRO5.

Sample Resources.de-DE.json

  "L18N": {
    "GoBackButton": "Geh Zurück",
    "AppLaunchingTitle": "Starten ",
    "LaunchPadTitle": "Startrampe",
    "SettingsTitle": "Einstellungen",
    "LoginTitle": "Konto",
    "CheckUpdateTitle": "Aktualisierung überprüfen",
    "FdlCodesTitle": "FDL Cheat Codes",
    "KisDbTitle": "KIS Wissensbasis",
    "CancelButton": "Absagen",
    "OKButton": "OK",
    "SaveButton": "Speichern",
    "SignInButton": "Einloggen",
    "SignOutButton": "Abmelden",
    "SearchButton": "Suche",
    "CheckUpdateButton": "Auf Updates prüfen",
    "ToggleSelectButton": "Auswahl umschalten",
    "UpdateFdlButton": "Download/Update",
    "UserIdLabel": "Nutzername :",
    "PasswordLabel": "PIN or Passwort :",
    "AppEntryTitle": "Application Entry",
    "AppEntryNameLabel": "Name :",
    "AppEntryPathLabel": "Weg :",
    "MemoryLabel": "Speicher",
    "OptionsLabel": "Optionen",
    "ThemeLabel": "Thema",
    "LoginFailed": "Fehler bei der Anmeldung"

Update: My friends from Korea went to town with customization. I was sent this. This is awesome!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Launcher PRO 5.0.3

 Launcher PRO V5.0.3 is now available

Change Log:

- Added supported app: 3.81, 3.39.0, 3.39.1, 3.40.0

- Fixed bugs with localized Windows 11 x64 (RU, DE, NL...etc.)

- Fixed FA/FP mapping

- Fixed NCD Preparation and Online Signing for 3.38+

- Fixed URL handling in Change Logs page

- Minor bug fixes

A bit of a huge update for Launcher PRO V5.0. I thought the fix for Windows 10 Euro versions fixes Windows 11 as well. but I was wrong. A bit of a pain to setup Windows in languages foreign to me, but it turned out great in the end. I now have several testing environment.

Another thing that proved very challenging is making V3.39 and V3.40 work with the Launcher.  There's not much technical issue with the app itself, but it has a lot to do with the use of OpenJDK 11. Anyway, glad to have this behind me. Spent a few days trying to figure it out.

V5.0.2 can't handle links in this page, so please, get the links from the website

List of supported apps. I'm skipping 3.37 altogether. I think 3.36 and 3.38 are great builds. I am not too sure with 3.39 and 3.40, but that's just me. 

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Launcher PRO 5.0.2

Launcher PRO V5.0.2 is now available

Change Log:

- Fixed bugs with localized Windows (RU, DE, NL...etc.)

If you have turned on Check Update option, Launcher PRO will alert you of critical updates, such as this 

Note: Avoid posting support-related questions in the comments section. I don't actively watch comments and don't want to miss anything important. Please send me an email

Important: Apparently, Launcher PRO doesn't handle the link properly. This will be fixed in the next build. Please grab the link from my website for now

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Launcher PRO 5.0.1

 Launcher PRO 5.0.1 Build 36 is now available

Launcher PRO V5.0.1 is rewritten from the ground up for Windows 10, 11 64bit only on bare metal machine, meaning, no virtual machines. Supported Versions are 3.35.0, 3.36.0, 3.36.1, 3.36.2, 3.38.2 64bit only, with more to come.

Version 5.0 supports both CAFD versions 1.0 and 2.0. Slowly, but eventually, BMW is moving to online signing all coding data, starting with Coding 2.0 (SP2021), and now Coding 3.0. Signature methods for these CAFD uses RSA 2048 to RSA 4096 and Elliptic curves (ECCP 256 – ECCP 521. These will be very limiting in the future. As of the latest PSdZ data, Launcher PRO V5 supports online signing of known CAFD using authenticated keys and proper coding proof stamp. I'm probably letting off more than I should, but we'll get there eventually.

Launcher PRO V5.0 sports streamlined modern Metro UI. There are 5 selectable themes to choose from. Add as many supported apps as possible and double-click when ready to run.

Launcher PRO V5.0 makes Google Authenticator optional, but is very convenient, so might as well use it. All Time-based One-time Password generator Authenticator, i.e., Microsoft Authenticator, are supported, not just Google Authenticator. More importantly, no more PC activation. Launcher PRO V5.0 is no longer tied to a particular PC. Use anywhere, anytime. It's just like the old dynamic activation, but unlimited.

Launcher PRO V5.0 departs from its predecessor in handling KIS database. It's now an Opt-in model where you have to choose which KIS is loaded, as opposed to Opt-out model used in the old version. At least one KIS must be selected

Settings can be temporary or can be applied every time. Either way, you have total control

Q: Can I install on 3 PCs?
A: Yes. There's actually no limit on the number of PCs, so if you have 5 PCs, go ahead and install it on all 5 PCs. The only limitation is that only 2 PCs are active at any given time, so if you move to the 3rd or so PC, you just need to authenticate again.

Q: How long is the license?
A: 3 years is the standard length of the license with no PC limitation

Q: My account says I activated 2 PCs and cannot activate anymore
A: Ignore the website. It was built for V3.0 and I can't update it until V3.0 dies. It will only show the first 2 codes, but really, it is meaningless for V5.0. There is no static or dynamic activation in V5.0

Q: Can I activate more than 1 PC?
A: Err, I just said, there is no static, nor dynamic activation in V5.0 :)

Q: I have a V3.0 license, can I use V5.0?
A: Updates are free, and V5.0 is and upgrade to to V3.0, so yes, you can.

Q: What happens to my V3.0 license?
A: Nothing. It will be as is. If you get a new license now, you will have an extended license. So if you have a year left on the old one, you will end up with 4 years, total.

If you still have active key/s, head out to https://www.fxxtokenmaster.com and grab Launcher PRO V5.0

Sunday, June 28, 2020


Starting with V3.34.0, Online signing has been implemented. I did change this to offline/On-premise signing, but I think it's no use to keep reverting to offline signing. I've been working on V3.35(V3.35.1) and V3.36 (V3.36.1, V3.36.2) and have these versions working, but I really do want to support Coding 2.0. This is the future and where we're all going. This means new format of everything and will make everything as we know it today, obsolete. This includes the current mapping technology, and even the NCDF/CAFD Tool.

I've been contemplating releasing an update and retrofit support for Coding 2.0, but my desire to support it and do it right the first time prevailed.

I've checked the latest PSdZdata and we do have a few CAFD 2.0, but seems to be faulty. I can generate NCD 2.0, but I wanted a factory one. So, I'm looking for NCD and CAFD 2.0. These are found in newer G20, G08, i4...etc. If anyone has them, I'd appreciate a couple of samples, better yet, the entire set, including FA.

This is really a big change, so bear with me as we tread this uncharted waters together. I'd be devoting time to this in the following weeks or months even.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Launcher PRO 3.7.0 and Website Update

Launcher PRO 3.7.0 Build 315 is now available.

Change Log
3.7.0 Build 315
- Huge improvement in CAFD processing (BDC, NBT and MGU in the low 2s)
- Better, more accurate CAF mapping and translation
- Significant reduction in memory usage
- Improved 32-bit app performance and stability
- Better handling of low memory condition in 32-bit app
- Fixed: Bug in JNI component that was introduced in V3.2+
- Minor bug fixes

*Requires Google Authenticator mobile app. Download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Note: Please see https://www.fxxtokenmaster.com and blog before upgrading to 3.1+. Launcher PRO now uses Time-based One-time Password for authentication. 
Google Authenticator is required when using dynamic activation and when updating the Launcher.

This is a must-have update. It's more stable all around. 32-bit app has been causing low-memory condition, resulting anywhere from failed mapping to app crash. I put extensive work on this build to significantly reduce memory usage, improve stability and enhanced the performance of the mapping module. The following image shows the timing when opening HU NBT and BDC_BODY CAF.

Like the new graphic, I'd like to call this the Concept 4 Edition. Like the Concept 4, the Launcher is just leaner, meaner and faster all around.

To fully appreciate the improvements, use the 64-bit versions. It's just way so much better. When using 32-bit versions, expect the Launcher to fallback to slower method most of the time due to memory constraint. It's no slouch at all, but it's nowhere near the performance it can achieve when using 64-bit versions.

Website Update

My web host has been doing changes to their infrastructure, causing unintended side-effect on my app. I noticed a couple of days ago that validation has been failing, and upon further investigation, found that my web host did drastic settings changes which caused a critical function of my web app to fail. I scrambled to find a solution and worked around this changes, since they won't acquiesce to reverting the changes. Anyway, I'm glad to announce that I rewrote the affected portion of my website, so login/validation is working again. 

If you have been experiencing problems recently when trying to login/activate, please try again and let me know if the issue persist.

**Don't use the comment section to ask where to get it and stop posting your email addresses