Saturday, September 23, 2017

TokenMaster's Launcher PRO 2.9.6 Build 255

TokenMaster's Launcher PRO V2.9.6 is now available.

Change log

Launcher PRO V2.9.6 Build 255
- Added support for E-Sys 3.31.0
- Migrated to full 64-bit architecture
- Added "Check for Updated Version"
- Minor Bug Fixes

First of the few online features. Check for new update on startup. If an update is available, the icon will change its color to blue. You can then click on the Update icon to open a browser pointing to the update location. 

This version is full 64-bit architecture. I'm not sure how many are still using 32-bit version of Windows, but the new components I added forced me to select either 32-bit or 64-bit, there's no flexibility. I chose 64-bit.

The V1 EST Migration tool was meant to only migrate previously extended active tokens. People have complained and they wanted to extend an already expired token. I made it so a token can be extended IF, and only IF, the new end date is still a future date. Typically, this is 1.5 additional years. SO, if your token expired 19 months ago, it can't be any more expired than that.
NOTE: I just came back from a short travel. I'll start catching up on my emails.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

TokenMaster's Launcher PRO 2.9.4 Build 218

TokenMaster's Launcher PRO V2.9.4 is now available.

Change log

Launcher PRO V2.9.4 Build 218
- Added EST Migration tool for older tokens
- Fixed FA Activation hanging
- Fixed minor certificate/EST issue
- Minor UI tweak

As mentioned in my last blog, extended tokens with expired original one need to be migrated as I would need to compromise a lot to support it. Migration is quick, and very similar to the EST Extender tool. You will need the original tokens. This means that, if your token have expired and you didn't get to extend it, this is your chance to reactivate it. It must have expired within the last 12 months, though.

NOTE: Please Do NOT request via the comment section. I do not monitor the comments actively. Email me at fxxtokenmaster_at_gmail for any question.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Some Launcher V2.9+ Notes

These past few days/weeks have been specially hectic and chaotic. I've held off issuing tokens and codes since I was working on something. And what I thought and planned to be a seamless, painless upgrade, turned out to be anything but. V2.9.0 was a disaster,V2.9.1 wasn't any better, V2.9.2 was barely acceptable and V2.9.3 showed a glimmer of hope.

It took a friend from the other side of the world to get it back to an acceptable level. Working but not perfect.

I'd like to put out some guidelines for existing users:

  •  Those who now use the new EST format, you should be OK with any V2.9+ version
  •  Those who have the older format, still valid, non-extended tokens, upgrade now and extend your tokens using V2.9.3
  • Those who own an already extended tokens, please do one of the following:
                - If your old token is still valid today, please revert to the original token and upgrade to V2.9.3, then extend your token.
                - If your old token is already expired, but is already extended, stay on V2.8.1 for now. The upcoming version will have a token migration tool which will help you move to V2.9+.

I tried to accommodate all scenarios to make it all seamless. However, supporting extended tokens requires me to relax security a bit. One that I'm not willing to compromise with. So, I opted to come up with a migration tool instead.

I promise you an easier, more stable, future versions coming, both PRO and Premium alike. It is taking me a while to bring Premium up to par with the PRO, but it is what it is for a very good reason.

And....Happy days are coming!!!

Some BMW gods smiled upon us. I have to look more into it and see what exactly is entailed, but it does look like your shiny new G-series, and those on newest iStep, is about to be a bit happier. Launchers have been on V59.4 for quite a while now. It's about time to move to V61 at the very least, V62 maybe, if we get ever so lucky...Happy days, happy days.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Update: TokenMaster's Launcher PRO 2.9.3

UPDATE: Launcher PRO V2.9.3 is now available

- Fixed minor certificate/EST issue

Thanks to botho for providing the environment for troubleshooting. It was a tremendous help.

UPDATE: Launcher PRO V2.9.2 is now available

- Fixed minor certificate/EST issue

TokenMaster's Launcher PRO V2.9.0 is now available.

Change log

Launcher PRO V2.9.0 Build 173
- Increased allowed memory allocation for 64-bit JRE up to 8GB.
- Added another way of using 64-bit JRE by using "jre_x64" for folder name. This way, 32-bit JRE can remain untouched.
- Main window will become 65% transparent if a child window is open. This enhances the contrast and visibility of child windows. (See image below)
- Minor UI tweaks
- Minor security changes
- Removed support for 3.24 and 3.26. Minimum supported version is 3.27

Figure 1: Semi-Transparent main window

Majority of the work done on this version is not visible. Initial support (not available yet) for online activation has been laid out and will be enhanced further in future releases. These changes will trickle down to Premium as well.

I encourage anyone who's using PRO to upgrade to this version. This version is a little bit more stable and secure.

NOTE: Please do NOT request via the comment section. I do not monitor the comments actively. Email me at fxxtokenmaster_at_gmail for any question.