Tuesday, August 27, 2019


I've been playing with a friend's G01 XDrive these couple of days, (well, it's been more than a week, but who's counting?). No serious coding yet, just taking a look-see at what can be done with it.

G01 is really nice. It's small enough to replace a sedan, but not big enough to compete with a family SUV. I like it, so much so, that it gave me enough motivation to go and shop around, and shop around I did. I've looked and test drove a couple of G20s. I like the G20, so much technology squeezed into that little car. However, I'm still more impressed with the G01, even with its older technology. I know it will have the Live Cockpit Pro and ID7 in the coming builds, so G01 will have all the same bells and whistles that the G20 has.

Did I say I like the G01? YES, I like it. I like it so much that a new G01 will be coming home with me soon :(  Just deciding between BSM, Alpine White, Mineral White. Leaning towards BSM, like my F30. I wish I can turn off XDrive. I mean, in my suburban settings, I hardly have the need for it but I want it, in case I need it.

I can hear a voice screaming inside my head: "Ahhhh, noooooo, wait for a couple of months and you'll have all the good stuff the G20 has!!!!!". F*ck my EQ,  I wanna drive it NOW!!! Giving up the i3 for it. I think I'm OK with that trade. That thing depreciates like crazy, though.

I detailed my F30 last weekend, to help me contain my excitement. She still runs like a champ, and she aged gracefully. After getting in a G20 though, it does feel really old.

And you know what else it motivated me to do? Dusted off NCD/CAFD Tool. The tool is so outdated that I see a lot of inaccuracies, and the "What-If"s functions are really crawling. Of course, the format of NCD and CAF files have changed a little bit too, and so are the rules for functions.

I just want to quickly bring it back to life, so I plugged in the components from Launcher PRO. It has so much dependencies on it, but it gave me the benefit of quickly analyzing the G-series stuff. So far, so good. I can see some minor issue with mapping though, but that's just given, the way we do things.

I can't wait to fully analyze the CAFs on this G01. Hopefully, I can enable and test some stuff soon, in preparation for my own car.

My friend has been asking what we can possibly change with his car, but hasn't asked for it back. I might keep it for another week or so. NO! I WILL keep it for another week or so  😂

UPDATE: 09/07/2019
There seem to be a lot of potential, but I just don't have enough time to test them. So far, here's what I did to this X3:

  • Speed Limit Info (SLI) - Note: FSC is required. I opted for the Euro Style SLI, the while circle with red outline. This is what I have on my i3, but the new US default is just silly, with the word "Speed Limit" on top of the value in a white rounded rectangle. That's just plain silly. It's nice how the HUD turns red, and the dial have a red trailing line when you go over the limit.
  • Auto Start/Stop Memory - I wonder why this isn't the default yet
  • Tailgate/Lid Angle/Height Settings
  • Tire Temperature - Default only shows pressure
  • Auto Park Assist On
  • Cross Traffic Alert - haven't tested yet.

By the way, I'm getting a BSM

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Launcher PRO 3.5.1

Launcher PRO 3.5.1 Build 216 is now available.

Change Log
3.5.1 Build 2.6.1
- Fixed: Opening Settings screen crashes Launcher

3.5.0 Build 252
- Reduced and improved memory utilization
- Minor bug fixes

*Requires Google Authenticator mobile app. Download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Note: Please see https://www.fxxtokenmaster.com and blog before upgrading to 3.1+. Launcher PRO now uses Time-based One-time Password for authentication. 
Google Authenticator is required when using dynamic activation and when updating the Launcher.

There's quite a bit of changes to this version, mainly, handling of JVM, less memory utilization and minimal use of temporary files. There's still tons of room for improvement.

I did test this on Win7 x86 FR, Win10 x86 TR, Win10 x64 RU and Win10 x64 EN, so hopefully, any compatibility issue is minimized.