Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Launcher PRO 5.2.4

 Launcher PRO V5.2.4 Build 131 is now available

Change Log:

- Added support for E-Sys 22.10.02

Change Log for V5.2.2, 5.2.3:
- Added support for E-Sys 22.10.00

- Added Language-aware FA/Vehicle Profile options metadata

- Fixed: FP/Vehicle Profile extended ASCII character display issue

- Fixed: FP/Vehicle Profile EN category names

- Fixed: NCD/CAFD Tools GUI issues

- Minor mapping improvement

- Minor bug fixes

FA/Vehicle Profile option descriptions will be shown in selected language. This version also include fixes for several NCD/CAFD Tools GUI elements, including pane/panel splitter issue.

I'm planning on reworking the Launcher, targeting maintainability and performance. The last couple of versions are already quite speedy and stable, but I feel like I can push the envelope a bit further. vNext will be a major update and will boost performance by quite a bit. 

VNext will also implement a hybrid "static" activation. It's not going to be hardware-locked, but will not require internet connection after the first sign in. Of course, this will make the online services unavailable, as a natural consequence.

Other Thoughts

E-Sys 22.10.02 also supports Ubuntu, but without UI. I'm thinking this version could run in native MacOS as well, but I have not played with it yet. If I find the time, I will look at this. It might be a good idea to create a unified UI that will run under Windows, MacOS (Intel/M* chips) and Ubuntu x64 hardware. It's still an idea and very early stage at that. Let's see...


  1. Bro this version sometimes fdl still trimmed sometimes not trimmed

    1. Is there a specific pattern? What are the exact steps you're taking?

    2. tested on 5.2.1 version no problem at all , it's ok i try to launch with latest esys version first and will feedback to you

  2. can you please upload the latest esys version where you upload the latest launcher version?

  3. Hi Tokenmaster, until version 5.2.1 all works fine. Latest versions I get only trimmed data. I use esys 22.06 and 3.40. Is there a solution? Thank you