Sunday, May 8, 2022

Launcher PRO 5.0.2

Launcher PRO V5.0.2 is now available

Change Log:

- Fixed bugs with localized Windows (RU, DE, NL...etc.)

If you have turned on Check Update option, Launcher PRO will alert you of critical updates, such as this 

Note: Avoid posting support-related questions in the comments section. I don't actively watch comments and don't want to miss anything important. Please send me an email

Important: Apparently, Launcher PRO doesn't handle the link properly. This will be fixed in the next build. Please grab the link from my website for now


  1. i try today launcher 5.0.2 and all cafd are trimmed
    i open launcher 3.7 and all work good

    1. i found the issue
      if i open launcher with 3.38.2 e-sys version,cafd are trimmed
      if i open launcher with 3.36.2 e-sys version,all good

    2. Hello, could you explain me how I buy or send the donation for use the software?, thanks a lot.

  2. Hello, nice to hear from you again. I want to buy launcher Pro 5.0. How do I pay

  3. How can we buy Launcher PRO 5.02 ??

  4. After having problems with the new launcher pro 5.0 esys never starts up , installed the version 5.02 but i still have the same problem the launcher starts up fine and i chose esys version 3.38.2 and click, on start i get the integrity check and on the end launching but Esys never starts. wwwwi am using windows 11 pro 64 bit Dutch language. I emailed Eli and i hope i can fix this problem because my old launcher pro 3.7 works just fine.

  5. How to activate PRO 5.02 for new users

  6. Hello, could you explain me how buy, get, send a donation or include me for use launcher pro?, thanks a lot.

  7. I purchased and installed "e-sys 3.36.2" and "Launcher PRO 5.1.0" and the program starts up, but when I do "edit NCD" at the coding stage, I get a runtime error and cannot proceed.
    When I look at the details, I get a "java.lang.NullpointerException ... and then a long sentence".
    I also installed 3.38.2 with the same result.
    Please help, TOKEN MASTER