Saturday, May 28, 2022

Launcher PRO V5.0.4

 Launcher PRO V5.0.4 is now available

I've realized I haven't mentioned about localization that was added in the Launcher since V5.0.1. I thought now is a good time to mention this. I've added a basic localization via json file. Sample output below (and pardon me, my German is pretty bad)

I'd love to see the Launcher localized and please, help if you can. This can be done by creating a json resource file. Format of the file is Resources.<ISO_language_country>,json. The 2-letter ISO language and country should match the PC's locale. The json file will have to be in %LocalAppData%\LauncherPRO5.


  "L18N": {
    "GoBackButton": "Geh Zurück",
    "AppLaunchingTitle": "Starten ",
    "LaunchPadTitle": "Startrampe",
    "SettingsTitle": "Einstellungen",
    "LoginTitle": "Konto",
    "CheckUpdateTitle": "Aktualisierung überprüfen",
    "FdlCodesTitle": "FDL Cheat Codes",
    "KisDbTitle": "KIS Wissensbasis",
    "CancelButton": "Absagen",
    "OKButton": "OK",
    "SaveButton": "Speichern",
    "SignInButton": "Einloggen",
    "SignOutButton": "Abmelden",
    "SearchButton": "Suche",
    "CheckUpdateButton": "Auf Updates prüfen",
    "ToggleSelectButton": "Auswahl umschalten",
    "UpdateFdlButton": "Download/Update",
    "UserIdLabel": "Nutzername :",
    "PasswordLabel": "PIN or Passwort :",
    "AppEntryTitle": "Application Entry",
    "AppEntryNameLabel": "Name :",
    "AppEntryPathLabel": "Weg :",
    "MemoryLabel": "Speicher",
    "OptionsLabel": "Optionen",
    "ThemeLabel": "Thema",
    "LoginFailed": "Fehler bei der Anmeldung"

Update: My friends from Korea went to town with customization. I was sent this. This is awesome!


  1. The mega version is the old version. Please check.

    1. some bugs? We will inform you about your symptoms.
      In the new version of the program, infinite loading...
      (e-sys latest version 3.40 version)
      Other versions open just fine. Please check

    2. For me 3.40.0 on one pc opens only if first open 3.39.1
      On other pc never opens...just crash

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The same for me... vers 3.40.0 infinite loading

  3. It won't start on windows 10 x64 and goes into an endless loop, happens on all Esys!

  4. Hi Tokenmaster, can you me invite or Where can I get the launchers from?

  5. Hello tokenmaster i have following issue after reading cafd no have names in the folders , i wrote on Eli mail with screenshot can you check it pls

  6. Hello Tokenmaster , I did the requirements and paid but I still haven't received it , I’m waiting your reply as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Tokenmaster! How do I buy a new launcher?

  8. I am 62 years old trying to enable bluetooth on my F30. I have bought a cable to program with, but on the software side I am confused. Is the launcher just another name for the application itself? I am so sorry to ask the dumb questions but all of this is a bit ahead of my time. Im learning.