Saturday, August 13, 2022 Redesigned

 I spent most of last week redesigning my website. A few of you were getting frustrated seeing your activation requests not matching the PC you were using. The thing is, V5.0 do not care about it. The old site was written for V3.0, which has hardware-locked activation. V5.0 do not care about any that. It's using a different model and this is starting to get harder to explain by the day. A redesign is the only way.

So, here it is. Out is the old and aging V3 website, in is the new website for V5.0. 

I like dark mode a lot. It's in the Launcher PRO, thinking adding it as an option for the app, and now, the website is in full dark mode.

A bit minimalist, but that's all that's needed. It showcases the Launcher a little, with it's small and incomplete feature list...

What you won't see is the list of activation requests. It's just not needed anymore.

The website allows resetting forgotten password now. A long overdue feature. I don't know what I was thinking why it wasn't there from the get go.

Please check it out:

I can now focus back on the Launcher. It does require a bit more work


  1. thank you TK for answering my mail and for giving me acces to LP:)

  2. how can i download software? im paymant,but cant download softaware,and my mail nobody send any link or software.

  3. Hello,
    i have bought license from you and received email with all the info and links. Unfortunately i can't log in to Launcher Pro application. I get error - Login Status Failed: Unauthorized. Could you please reply to my emails and check where is the problem? Big thanks for your reply !

    1. P.S. Log in to website is successfull, but here is what i see at the line KEYS
      The system cannot find any active license.