Sunday, July 17, 2022

Launcher PRO V5.1.0

 Launcher PRO V5.1.0 Build 90 is now available

Change Log:

Launcher PRO V5.0 hits a new milestone. This release entails a major revision, mostly in the underlying operations and inner workings of the Launcher. There are still so much to do, but a few of the big ones has made it to this release. I focused on compatibility on this one and eradicated some of the most niggling and persisting ones.

User Interface:

With this release, there's hardly any reason to visit the site. I have to add that the site need a long overdue update, but because of V3.0, I still need to keep it. There are a few options I'm considering but my focus is on the Launcher for now. Please ignore the very outdated content of the website, I will update it when the time comes.

QR code can now be seen from the Launcher's Account page. This doesn't require any Google API, so it should work on region where Google services are blocked. The QR code can be used in any standard TOTP generator like Microsoft, Authy...etc., not just Google Authenticator. I know it says Google Authenticator is required, but really, it isn't.

I realized that the previous FP (Vehicle Profile) Viewer was just awful. There's no reason for it to be in a treeview. I replaced it with a much nicer view, utilizing the UI elements I made for the FA/SVT-CAFD FDL calculators. Minor change but big impact.

Under the Hood:

I spent a great deal of time dealing with compatibility issue. I focused on leaving areas untouched if they don't need to be, ran a fine tooth comb through the source and identified where code needs to be injected, only where/when necessary. There's a significant boost in performance, compatibility and stability. I found new methods that are simply superior. These resulted in having to rewrite new codes, and eliminate most of the old ones. In a lot of ways, this is, yet again, all new. There's very little left of what was in the original 5.0 code base. It was intense, but highly rewarding. The result is V5.1

I highly encourage you to check this build out.


I can't stop everyone from asking via the comment section, so might as well, include some info here. If you want to know more about the Launcher V5.0, send me an email at  


  1. This: 'It was intense, but highly rewarding.' As long as this is the case, keep going!

  2. thank you for your hard work
    I confirmed that it can be started on a computer that has not started until now
    But the FDL is not decrypted.

  3. I confirm as well that its starting everytime but cafd are trimmed
    Fdl editor doesnt seem to work

  4. Computers that cannot decrypt FDL
    Launcher PRO 5.0 with uninstaller
    After uninstalling and reinstalling
    E-SYS does not start.

  5. I also encountered the same problem, just need to log out of the account and log in again to solve.

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  7. Hey, I know it is not desired to ask for the launcher in the comments, but I wrote you an email 5 months ago as welle as 1 month ago and didn't get a reply. Did you get my emails? And could you reply please? Thank you very much!

    1. If you don't mind, please do send another email. I don't purposely ignore anyone. Thanks

    2. I just sent you an another email about 2 minutes ago.

    3. im in the same situation, just mailed you again. please answer. thanks

    4. How can I download launcher pro v5.1.o to work with my esys 3.30.1?

    5. The launcher Pro 5.1 thous not work with Esys 3.30.1 just from Esys 3.6.2 and newer

  8. Hi TokenMaster, I wrote you an email in 2020 and twice last month, didn't get any reply. Maybe I got a wrong email? Would you please share your correct email address? Much Appreciated!

  9. After a few days now i struggle to open launcher start after 12 attempts and log out and login
    Please focus on this issue
    Thank you

  10. Hi. What are the procedures / steps to get or purchase Launcher Pro v.5.1.0 and Esys?

  11. hello, would I need to buy Launcher Pro v.5.1.0? what is the procedure?