Monday, July 4, 2022

Launcher PRO V5.0.7

 Launcher PRO V5.0.7 is now available

Change log

- Added FP/Vehicle Profile viewer (3.36+ only)
- Added FA-NCD/CAFD FDL Calculator for Coding 1/2 CAFs (3.36+ only)
- Added SVT-CAF FDL Calculator for Coding 1/2 CAFs (3.36+ only)
- Improved Mapping calculation speed
- Minor bug fixes

Added Features:

Another substantial release. I've been very busy adding these features in Launcher PRO. I like how they turned out. I've almost forgotten how nice these features are. Luckily, somebody reminded me.

The following screenshot shows the SVT-CAF FDL calculator. These are the "What-IFs" feature from the old NCD/CAFD Tool, integrated into Launcher PRO.

Not really useful feature, but I hate how small the button icons are. I increased the size a bit and added transparency, more to my liking. This is only implemented in the NCD/CAF Tool. I left the others as they are.

Hope you enjoy these new features as much as I enjoyed writing them. Let me know what you think.


  1. Hi, how can I purchase new launcher ?

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  3. добрый день как приобрести лаунчер?

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  5. Anyone wanting to learn more about the Launcher PRO, please send me an email at fxxtokenmaster @gmail

    1. Hello. Yesterday I sent money via PayPal to How long do I have to wait for Launcher PRO V5?

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  8. Hello tm, what must do get the new launcher pro 5

  9. unfortunaly launcher work only once after instalation after that any atempt to launch fail . simply disapere after launching useing windows 10 home 21h2

  10. Check new version today. As write commentator above Launcher start E-sys only the first time after its fresh install. Any attempt to launch after that caused a crash. Full reinstalation of E-sys and Launcher as well as Java does not help. The same thing as I saw for version 5.0.6 but now I updated win10 Pro x64 to build 19044 (21h2)

  11. Hello. Great message. How can I get the Launcher PRO V5? I need this. :)

  12. Hello.
    Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
    21H2 19044.1741 on a PC with LauncherPRO3.7 installed.
    I have a PC with LauncherPRO3.7 installed and it does not start.
    PC with the same version of OS but without LauncherPRO3.7 installed, it starts but is unstable.
    The same version of OS without LauncherPRO3.7 installed starts, but it is unstable.

  13. Hello tokenmaster, what must do get the new Launcher PRO V5.0.7

  14. nice if you put on options - diagnostic trouble code