Tuesday, July 5, 2022

NCD/CAFD Tool Link down forever

 So some weird random guy appears to be claiming a copyright to my original work. Unfortunately, Mega listened to the poser.

Mega took down the link. Probably better off this way, anyway. The integrated tool is so much better

Anybody know who the heck this guy is?


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    1. I processed your order on 5/30 and sent it to your Paypal address. I reprocessed it again today, sending to the requested email address.

  2. Hello TokenMaster, I am interested in Launcher PRO. How can I get the latest version? The E-Sys version I have is 3.27.1

  3. Pretty sure its this guy

  4. Hello TokenMaster
    I want buy esys launcher 5.0.7 please how can I pay you
    Thank you

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  6. https://mhhauto.com/Thread-TRAITOR-RAT-ON-FORUM - here you have a link to what this guy is doing

    1. So he does this to a lot of people. What a sorry piece of crap that person. Thanks for the link

  7. i pay yestrday and i am waiting the email respond